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Yoga Practice Video

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar
Do more yoga - day 1

As part of our #domoreyoga campaign for 2018, we are releasing short yoga videos every day till the end of the month (January 2018). As a way to motivate, inspire and help people like you get on their yoga mat each day.  This yoga practice video is for anyone who wants to develop a home yoga practice. And is in good overall health. We hope to release more videos in the coming weeks ahead. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest video releases.

In today’s yoga practice video, we start off by working on the quadriceps and hip flexor region. Stretching it out. We also have some breakdown of yoga poses available in the subsequent yoga videos.

Watch today’s video here



For today’s video you need…

  • Yoga Mat
  • A strap
  • A blanket
  • This video playing on some device;)


Remember the following before starting to practice…

  • This is a general yoga video for already practicing yoga students. If you need any special attention, please find yourself a good teacher who can guide you in person
  • Always leave 2 to 3 hours gap after a heavy meal before starting to practice
  • Once you start, make sure you finish the practice no matter what
  • Encourage your buddies to do this with you
  • Set a reminder on your phone to do this daily for the few weeks

Enter to win…

If you are doing this challenge…let us know by a status post on Facebook or Instagram.. and tag Aham Yoga and #domoreyoga and #ahamyoga so we get to see your post. Remember to win you will need to play for all days until the end of the month. Winners will be announced on Facebook Live in February. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Today’s yoga sequence…

Yoga Sequence by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Yoga Sequence by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

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