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YOUTUBE: Yoga for Mental Health

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Mental Health has become a serious issue in today’s world. 1 in 5 adults struggles with their mental health. It’s no wonder as life has become very fast-paced and stressful for most with very little downtime. In addition to the increase in stress, social media and the focus on comparing your day-to-day life with other people’s “highlight reels” also plays a role in negatively affecting our mental health. This week I bring to you Yoga for Mental Health! Not only are these actual poses great to help clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed, but the time spent in practice away from your phone or computer focused on yourself rather than others is also beneficial too. 


Yoga for mental health video sequence is approximately 30 minutes long and is great to do anytime, especially those times where you may be feeling overwhelmed or mentally exhausted. Leave a gap of 60-90 minutes in between your practice and a meal to avoid a full stomach with inverted poses.


  • Yoga mat 
  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Yoga blocks (suggested but not required)
  • Yoga straps (suggested but not required)
  • Bolster (suggested but not required)
  • Blankets

Skill Level

Yoga for mental health video is great for everyone whether you are brand new to yoga or have been doing it for many years. Modify more difficult poses as needed. 

Friendly Reminders

  • Silence your phone. The whole idea is to disconnect completely for a few minutes. 
  • Grab your yoga mat and props if needed
  • Find a quiet space to set up. Preferably away from distractions and use the same spot each time for practice.

What’s Next?

Once you have completed the sequence, we encourage you to sit silently for a few moments. Do your best to not grab straight for your phone or jump up and begin rushing around again. 

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