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5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar
5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Are you looking to get fit and healthier? But do not have the budget to spend on classes, trainings and private coaching? Then these 5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer is just right for you. Being healthy or working out should not be optional. And money should not stop anyone from choosing to live a healthy life. Health is not optional. And if we really want to stay fit we will find ways of getting ourselves there. Here are our top 5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer

5 cheap ways to stay fit this Summer by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

5 cheap ways to stay fit this Summer by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Tip 1: Find a workout buddy

If you are anything like me, where you need someone to workout with. This is gold. I have made a small circle of workout buddies over time. We all end up doing more active things together. Whether it’s a 6 am gym class or a weekend hike. Having like minded buddies will be a great way to stay active and motivated this summer. You need not have just one workout buddy. You can have several. That way if one is unavailable someone else will be around to work out. This way you can do many different things to stay fit this summer.

These are some ways to find a workout buddy:
  • Ask your closest friends who you hang out with if they would commit to something active this summer. And schedule it
  • Rope in your favorite co-worker
  • Ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram
  • Check out local meet ups

Tip 2: Nature is free. Get outdoors.

We live in the Seattle area and every summer you will notice people out in nature. A free and super cheap way to stay fit is to schedule yourself for hikes, long walks,  runs or bike tours every weekend. Make an activity out of it. Pack a picnic lunch. Grab a friend and head out. If you can not find company, try listening to a podcast, music or an e-book as you indulge in your favorite activity. You can also try looking for local running/walking clubs. There are plenty of places announcing a lot of outdoor summer activities. Or become a volunteer with the Washington Trail Association, the arboretum amongst others.

5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer

5 cheap ways to stay fit this summer

Tip 3: Get online

We have never been closer to technology. So why not use it to stay active and fit. There are a lot of videos online for just about anything. Whether you want to learn how to do a burpee to trikonasana or even to make a smoothie. There are plenty of YouTubers out there putting up their content for free. Just find a workout you like and commit to it as if it were your class time. It really doesn’t get easier than this!

Tip 4: New student specials

Every gym, health club, and yoga studio will have some sort of new student special. This is usually a discounted rate to try out unlimited classes for a certain duration. These are usually cheap and great value for your money. And if you do not mind moving around from one place to another, a few new student specials at 3 or 4 places can keep you covered all summer.

Tip 5: Work at a health club, gym or yoga studio

If you are looking at making fitness a lifestyle, then this is a great, fun and cheap way to stay fit. Find employment with your favorite health club, gym or yoga studio. Usually, they offer free classes for their employees. Though in some places you will have to work a minimum number of hours to qualify for free memberships. But this is a great way to meet new people, build community, make money, find inspiration, fitness training and keep yourself super fit.


If you are driven. It is really that simple to stay fit. Follow these 5 cheap ways of staying fit and let us know if you tried any or have others that you use in the comments section below. Happy Summer!




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