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10 Easy Ways to be Mindful without Trying too Hard

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Before you explore this list, let me remind you that you don’t have to be perfect at mindfulness. You start with what you have for most people it’s usually a mind that’s too “full” of stuff and we end up avoiding being mindful because it seems like too much work. 

It isn’t. 

Here are 10 beginner-friendly, mindfulness options to slip into your day…

Morning cup of calm 

How you start your day will pretty much determine the rest of it. Enjoy your morning cup of whatever. Feel the warmth of the cup in your palms, the soft steam at your lips and the taste of what you’re having. No phone no distractions. Stay close to a window, look outside will make this a fun moment of your morning 

Shower Slowdown 

I’m not asking you to take a longer shower. I know you don’t have that much time. Besides a long shower is not great for the planet. When (& if) you take a morning shower use this to be fully present with yourself. Don’t rush. Feel the hot water against your skin, the smell of your soap, the towel against your skin. I notice I have my best ideas in the shower when I’m doing nothing but just being present. 

Do the Dress Up

When you wrap up from the shower, don’t rush to get dressed and run out. Do what you must but do it intentionally, make sure you look at yourself in the mirror. Really notice your eyes, take ONE breath and move on.  

10 Easy Ways to be Mindful without Trying too Hard 1

Stand outside for 1 minute

When it gets cold up here in Seattle, I never went out if I didn’t really need to. That would usually be to get things done. But since we got Munch, our dog I make it a point to get 20 minutes at least outside in the yard. The fresh air and the trees all around make a difference. Whether you live in an apartment or have a yard, stand outside your front door for 1 minute. Take a moment to soften your eyes and find a deep breath 

Take the stairs differently

If you have stairs that connect two floors inside your house take them mindfully. Make it a habit to just walk the steps. Not run or rush, not text or think of the next task. But just climb the steps like you have nothing else to do. Make this a habit and with time you’ll notice this can creep into other aspects of your life. 

Don’t have stairs, you can use the walkway or any part of your house to create the same habit 

Cheerful Chores

Pick one chore you do every day and try to be fully present in that chore. Whether it’s folding clothes, doing the dishes, playing with your dog, bathing your kids. Just pick one chore and repeat the attempt to be fully absorbed in it whether you enjoy it or not. 

Bathroom is a No Phone Zone

Do you take your phone to the bathroom? I’ll tell you a secret, I do. Millions do. If my grandmother were alive today, she’d freak hearing this. Try putting your phone out of the bathroom or slip it into a drawer and just be with yourself. 

Savor the Silence

Find one moment in your day where you can have silence. This can be in the shower, kitchen, early in the morning. Just about any time. Notice the silence in your mind and around you. 

The One-Breath Trick

I saved the best for last. Before you open your laptop or get into work. Close your eyes and breathe deeply once. Do the same when you break for lunch. Restart after lunch. End your day at work etc… Find 5 seconds to take ONE deep, calming breath and soon you’ll notice this will become a part of your routine.


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