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New Aham Yoga Online Community

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

I’ll be honest, at first, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of an online yoga platform. It seemed less authentic and eliminated the human interaction that comes with joining together for a live class. I understood that all things quick, easy, and online accessible are the way of the world nowadays, but I wasn’t quite ready to accept it. After a while though, I realized the whole reason I started on this journey was to help others. Just because that looks a little different now than it used to, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. It’s actually a great thing. It eliminates all previous excuses for not improving your health. Whether it was, “I don’t have time to make it to class” or “I feel too intimidated to join others”, access to an online yoga community discourages those excuses by allowing you to do yoga on your own terms.

With that being said, I’m so excited to officially announce…

The New Aham Yoga Online Yoga Community! Aham Yoga has now joined the YouTube community to allow our students to do more yoga!! I will be releasing new videos every Wednesday on all things yoga. You can expect full sequences targeting specific body parts and issues, quick easy sequences that allow you to fit them in to a busy schedule, and other helpful yoga tips and tricks. Videos will range from beginners to advanced and everything in between. 

Check out the latest video and join our community here.

I would love if you’d show your support by subscribing to the channel. There is absolutely no cost to do so, and this allows me to see that the hard work I’m putting into providing free content is being enjoyed by my viewers. There are also some perks for you in subscribing! You will be notified right away each time a new video has been uploaded. This eliminates the annoyance of having to go searching for it yourself. Can it get any easier than that?? 


Benefits of online yoga access: 

  • Convenient
  • Economical
  • “Greener”- Less pollution of cars/gas
  • Comfort of your own home
  • Ability to get entire family involved 
  • Available on the go if traveling
  • Easily accessible via computer or smartphone 

To subscribe, click here. This will take you to the main page of the Aham Yoga YouTube Channel. Once you are here, on the right-hand side of your page you will see a red button that says “Subscribe”. It’s as simple as that! 

Screen Shot 2019 10 08 at 7.52.44 AM 2

Note: A YouTube or Google account login is required to be able to subscribe.

Once you’re subscribed, you can engage with the community by liking the videos and leaving comments. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram where the videos are announced weekly. I would really love to keep the interaction and community feel in my videos, so comments are highly encouraged! Let me know when you’ve done the sequence or leave a comment with suggestions for future videos. 

Well, there it is! I hope you are as excited as I am about this new journey with Aham Yoga. Now we can all do more yoga!

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