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Yoga for Tired eyes – Palming Technique

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar
Do you stare at a bright computer screen all day long? Do you notice that your eyes feel hot, tired and heavy as the day progresses? Did you know that Yoga can help tired eyes? Read on, to understand a simple, yet powerful technique called “palming” that has existed for thousands of years in the yoga tradition of India. Yoga ofr tired eyes!

What is palming?

  • A technique to relax tired eyes
  • To practice palming, bring both palms together. Start to rub them against one another. Keep rubbing the palms till you create heat between the palms.
  • Cup the center of the palms over the eyes. Place the center of the palms over the tired eyes. Do not press down onto the eyes
  • Hold for a ten to fifteen  seconds, letting the heat from the palms transfer into the eyes. Keep the eyes closed comfortably at this point
  • As the palms begin to cool down, repeat again. Do this at least three times in one sitting. Till you feel that your tired eyes are energized and there is a sense of coolness.
  • Before moving your palms away from your face, start to blink open your eyes first into the darkness of your palms and gradually move your palms away from your face. Let a little light in gradually.
  • This smooth transition is soothing for the tired eyes.


Who should practice palming?

  • Anyone who stares at a bright screen for extended periods of time
  • Kids and adults alike
  • People who wear glasses and contact lenses
  • Nighttime drivers

How often to practice

  • Can be done as often as you like or need to.
  • When you do any strenuous activity with the eyes, use palming to relieve the eyes.
  • If you wear glasses, take your glasses off before starting the practice of palming for tired eyes

Click here to watch a video for yoga for tired eyes.




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