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Vancouver Yoga EXPO 10/2/16

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

To help celebrate Aham Yoga’s 3rd Birthday, Arundhati crossed international borders once again on October 2, 2016 to bring her knowledge and understanding of yoga to eager students at The Yoga Expo in Vancouver, B.C.

The Yoga Expo is an event that takes place in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, and is a place where yoga professionals, students, and enthusiasts come together to share, learn, and delve into all things yoga. These 1-2 day events are filled with yoga classes, workshops, activities, vendors and much more.

Venturing into the Vancouver’s expansive, young, and diverse yoga scene, Arundhati led a 50 minute “Pathway to Padmasana” class, which included a series of asanas (poses) designed to open the outer hips and glutes to one day (if not today) sit comfortable in padmasana (lotus) pose.

Padmasana is a pose is considered to the ultimate seat of meditation or enlightenment. Thousands of years ago, when people in India referred to ‘asana‘ they actually referred to just this one pose. However, with time, man found it harder to maintain this seat with his growing distractions. As a result, many other asanas were born to prepare the body for padmasana.  In the western world, many people find it very hard to squat or do any extreme knee and ankle bending poses – largely a result of lifestyle – sitting on furniture or in cars for extended duration of time, etc.

Benefits of Padmasana
  • Relieves stiffness in the knees.
  • Increases circulation in the lumbar spine and abdomen.
  • Is a balanced seated posture.
  • Keeps the brain alert and attentive.
  • Best posture for Dhyana (meditation) and Pranayama (breathing).
  • Applies gentle pressure to the lower back, which is soothing for the nerves system.
  • Slows the breath.
  • Decreases muscular tension.
  • Stimulates digestion.

Visit Arundhati at The Yoga Expo again in our sister city of Portland, OR on April 22, 2017. Or check out an Expo near you!

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