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How to get the best information when you call a yoga studio?

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar
To be honest with you, most of the people who come to our studio find all of our information on our website. Our practitioners do a great job of taking time to look through and understand all the details in order to immerse themselves in the classes and community. Occasionally (and more often with our sister business, BollyWorks) we get phone calls. When our phone rings, we get excited! It means there is an opportunity to engage with somebody and talk more about yoga and living a healthy and active yoga lifestyle – to ignite the spark of the practice. More often than not, however, we find that our voice mailbox is full of messages and questions that leave us baffled and confused – What are they asking for? Have you checked the website?  To avoid this, we have put together a quick guide to help you get the most out of your inquiries with a yoga studio, or any small business you are seeking information from.
  1. Get clear about your intention – If you call someone, there is definitely a reason behind why you are calling them. Understand the intention or the reason behind your outreach. Are you calling to ask about a certain class? Event? or Training?
  2. Go through the website – This should actually be step 1. In today’s world everything is available online. Spend a good amount of time skimming through the website of the studio you want to practice at. Check out their class details, schedule page, teacher bios, and prices. Most studios do a great job of keeping their websites up to date, you can usually even find a FAQ page to help first-timers find their way. Make sure you have exhausted all the website resources to avoid asking for information that has already been given. While most studios will do their best to get to your calls, we have encountered studios that will never call back. Moreover, most studios are small businesses, often run on tight budgets and just a couple of people multi-tasking. Be considerate.
  3. List your questions – Once you have finished step 1 & 2, and you find that you still have questions unanswered, make a written note of them on a paper or type them up on your phone or computer in front of you. Give the yoga studio a call prepared with clear questions. Having a scribbled note will come handy if you lose track of why you have called (happens all the time!)
  4. Be descriptive, direct and clear – Whether you get a real person or reach a voicemail, be clear, direct and descriptive about what you are looking for so that the staff may give you the best possible answer in the shortest span of time. Most yoga studios only operate during business hours, so this is even more important if you reach voicemail. Leave your name and number and a well framed inquiry to the best of your ability. Try to avoid random queries like “what’s your schedule”, or “how much are classes”, etc. – this is basic information that can be easily found on the website.
  5. Sign off note – Do not forget to leave your details and availability windows for a call back. Missed calls do not get a call back. Clear voice mails do. Be sure to call during business hours and sign off with your information each time to ensure the studio has everything they need to answer your inquiries.
These tips will ensure that you get the best service in a timely manner from most yoga studios. You can even try emailing studios, many times that will get you a very prompt response as well. Good luck!

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