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3 Things you must know before starting yoga

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Starting yoga shouldn’t be confusing or intimidating. In fact, yoga is fun, exciting and you’ll be grateful you started. One hundred percent! That’s why I created this 3 *must know* things before starting yoga. I’ve been teaching for a decade now. My students always tell me they wish they had started sooner but they were always confused, scared, and not sure what to expect. I don’t want that for you. With this list, you’ll know what to expect from day one!

The 3 *must know* things…

A little yoga goes a long way…

These 3 must-know things will give you clarity, confidence, and the boost you need to start your yoga practice on the right foot. So let’s jump in! But just in case, you prefer to listen or watch instead of reading, I’ve made a little video of this on my Youtube channel as well. Scroll to the end of the blog post to watch this video.

The best part of yoga is – a little can go a long way. You don’t need to make tremendous shifts to your lifestyle to be able to do yoga. In fact, my best advice for people getting started with yoga is – do less but do it more consistently. So shed the idea, that it’s only worthwhile if you do it every day or 5 times a week. After teaching for over a decade, I can honestly tell you – you can start with as little as once a week. Make it easy for yourself and watch it seamlessly integrate with your life. Feel free to start slow if that’s what you need.

You don’t have to be flexible or ‘good’ at doing yoga…

If only I could tell you how many times people have asked me this question. Way too often! I’m here to tell you once in for all. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes or bend easily to start yoga. You most definitely don’t need to be good at it even before you start!

While yes, doing yoga consistently can make you stronger, flexible, and calmer – you don’t get there on day one. Let me tell you a secret – most people can’t touch their toes on day one -so it’s not just you! 🙂

It really does get better with practice…

Do you think you can master the violin or any instrument in just a few hours? Probably not, unless you’re a musical genius, right? It’s the same with yoga. Know that, yoga is a skill that gets better with practice. When you’re new to the practice it takes a little more effort and time to understand how to do it and what to do. But with some consistent practice, you’ll notice that it will become effortless in no time.

Remember this…

No one is judging you or watching you (other than the yoga teacher). The teacher will help and guide you – that’s what they do best! You most definitely will not look foolish trying to do a yoga pose. A yoga class is a safe space where you should feel supported and able to practice and learn. I hope you find the yoga teacher of your dreams to help you along this journey!

As always if you need more advice on starting yoga, find us on Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook. Here’s the video I was talking about in case you prefer to see a talking head!

3 *must know* things before you start yoga!

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