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An open letter to Yoga Teacher Trainees

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar

An open letter to all new yoga teacher trainees out there. This is an exerpt from the Aham Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training manual.

A deep sense of humility will help you learn Yoga. It is important to remember that no one path or school has monopoly over the truth. There are excellent and poor practitioners in all schools of Yoga. Gaining maturity in Yoga practice involves learning to respect the path that other people are on and acknowledging their merits, maybe even acknowledging that your own path is lacking in some area where another one excels” 

Geeta Iyengar – International Yoga Day, June 21st, 2015


Dear trainee,

Only a few blessed individuals come to the path of yoga. Some stay longer than others. Some make tremendous progress in a short span while others take a lifetime to find themselves in the practice. Being a yoga student is easy, if you find the right teacher for you. But being a yoga teacher is altogether a different story.

There is so much I wish to share with you. So much that I want you to know and understand. But what I am about to tell you now is the most important of them all. So listen carefully, Don’t aim to be a yoga teacher, aim to learn Yoga. In its entirety and splendor. Spend your days in understanding what this ancient science and art truly has stood for over the centuries. This path of learning cannot and should not be rushed. It is fueled by one thing alone, your own thirst of this knowledge.

When I began Yoga, I really had no idea or plan of where my life would go with this. I had not even done much or any yoga until that point. Leave alone understanding what it meant to be a yoga teacher. Looking back, I would like to believe that, that ‘naive’ approach has served me well. I continue to seek the path of knowledge the best way I can. Though I must admit, I miss being a student under a master. I hold the teacher-disciple relationship close to my heart. In India, this is known as the Guru shishya parampara. I have been able to get thus far because of my teachers. They never told me what to do or how to do it, they merely showed me the path and told me I needed to walk on it by myself. And I ever needed them, they were always there to guide me.

As you begin to journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. I would like to share a few things that help create a better yoga teacher and person out of me. Always allow yourself to be taught, to be humble and to learn as much as you can. Learn to teach with not just your heart but also your brain and vice versa when needed. You are not here to serve the student neither is the student here to serve you – you are here to pass on yoga to the generations to come. Do this with utmost sincerity and pure intention. teach, learn and understand yoga for the love and respect for the potential of all yoga can do.

Chase knowledge. Remember that Yoga was born with very humble beginnings. It had no real face until recently. Choose wisely and sincerely on your yoga journey. Immerse yourself in learning and sharing with your community. I wish you much success in learning and understanding this subject. You will forever be a student. And know that you have come here to make a difference in either your life or another’s life. Yoga happens every moment of your day and a lifetime ahead.

May you grow, prosper and take yoga back to the world. Good luck on your journey with yoga and becoming a yoga teacher.

My best wishes to you!

With Yoga Always,

Arundhati Baitmangalkar 


Aham Yoga

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Srujana January 24, 2017 - 1:49 pm


I am really happy that i found you and i am so happy and glad that i have started this Journey. I agree with you on Yoga learning every moment. Thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts and ideas with us.

Your sincere Yoga student,

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