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Team Aham Yoga at the Yogathon 2015

by Arundhati Baitmangalkar
aham yoga at Yogathon 2015

We did it!!!

Team Aham Yoga helped put a smile on a child’s face forever…

I am still on such a high from this morning. A big thank you to all who turned up (at Yogathon 2015)and to those who couldn’t make it but were still there in spirit and contributed to helping raise awareness and funds to provide quality education to children whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Many times, we forget as we live comfortable lives and we do not openly see others struggle to get by day to day.

Team Aham Yoga was not only the biggest team from any studio but we also raised the most funds in Seattle as a team. Together we raised $768 and counting. 36 people made up team but not all could make it today. But it was heartwarming to see that donations poured in from people on international vacations as well as bringing visiting family members and friends to the event. Many of our donations are anonymous, so if you are reading this… THANK YOU.

How Aham Yoga got involved in Yogathon?

Pavel Dmitriev, the main organizer for the event attended an Aham Yoga class one and half years ago. Since then we have kept in touch and have shared mutual goals of wanting to do more community work through Yoga for charity. Aham Yoga always helps with the outreach and anything else that is needed each year.

Your feedback is important….

For all those who participated this morning and would like to share comments, pictures, thoughts, feedback. Let them know what you loved and what could be changed for next year. It is your event. Mail to [email protected]

If you are sore…
I know many of you completed all 108 sun salutations and even if you did not, CONGRATULATIONS! You guys were amazing…I know it is not easy. If you are sore please come for Yoga tomorrow at 08:45am,we will stretch you out and you will surely feel better.

Check out these moments from the event:


I am humbled and grateful for your continued support.

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